Earn from home by live-streaming your classes

Move at home, we are connecting personal trainers and sport lovers from where they are most comfortable

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Live streaming platform,
for personal trainers

There are tons of online products and software for health, fitness and wellness. So which one is really specialized for you? Your service is the real product for your clients and fitoscope is connecting your product and your client perfectly no matter how far they are.

We know, it is hard time for all of us. You are with the sports lovers by giving free online class as much as you can. fitoscope is totally free for 1 month.
You don't need to download any product or software neither does your client. You can create an account and first event just in 3 minutes. Now you are ready to give your first online class.
You can set a fee for your event and your clients can access your event only when they pay. Now you have another option instead of create free instagram live class.

how it works

create an account

First you have to create an account on fitoscope home page. Don't worry we promise, it will take just 3 minutes.

set first event and share it

Now set your first event, place your mat and camera and share your event with your audience.


When your clients in class, you are ready to enjoy it together.